DISC Styles and the 2023 Super Bowl QBs: Birds Lead the Way

February 9, 2023


Melinta Case Study


Every Sunday I see my family ignite with rage, then settle into a hopeful, complacent state of mind… then my dad leaves the room because he can’t handle watching the TV anymore. They ride this rollercoaster for at least 3 hours, and one begs to ask the question: Why?  

Football. The backbone of America’s culture, with myself included in the crowd of spectators enjoying the experience. I often wonder how the NFL teams gain the hearts and minds of millions across the country, to tune in and devote an entire afternoon to its content. The answer does not simply lie in the hands of a large production such as the NFL itself, but in the players.  

With the Super Bowl coming up, what impact will the players have on the outcome of the game? Other than its ability to make my dad nearly break his TV with a remote.  

At Velocity Advisory Group, we started answering this question by assessing the disc styles of both Super Bowl quarterbacks: Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes II. Two forces entering Super Bowl LVII with hopes of leading their teams to victory.  

Leadership Styles of the 2023 QB’s

Through bird watching, Velocity believes that Patrick Mahomes’ enthusiastic, people-oriented, casual demeanor likely makes him a Parrot/Dove. Mahomes inspires loyalty and support from his team because, as a Parrot/Dove he is both highly charismatic and sincere.  You may notice that during a Chiefs game, Mahomes may make a bold move with an underhand touchdown or a no-look pass. These instinctual, daring behaviors are characteristic of spontaneous creativity, which is highly indicative of the Parrot style. In addition, Mahomes’ reputation is completely dedicated to his craft, methodically working on every facet of his game despite already being heralded as one of the most talented to ever play, which speaks to a deep-seated humility that Dove styles often possess.  

When it comes to Jalen Hurts, he is the epitome of “opposites attract”. Velocity believes that Hurts is a Dove/Eagle, with a Dove typically flexing a considerate, even-paced, and people-oriented personality. While an Eagle, on the other hand, is highly goal focused and operates with a conviction that inspires confidence in others.  

“Hurts has the ability to stay level and make decisions for the good of his team,” Joe Witte, a Birds expert from Velocity says, “So people follow him because they trust that he has the team at the center of everything.” Hurts also has the dichotomy of the Eagle on his side, where a strong, competitive edge comes out. 

As both have Dove energy, they are able to win the trust of their teammates and fans with a consistent approach to pursuing excellence, pushing their teams to great lengths in order to accomplish what they set out to do. Every play is made as a team. Every decision is made as a team.  

For the Eagles fans out there (the team, not the Bird style), I want to leave you with an interesting note. Nick Foles, the Eagles QB who led the team to its first Super Bowl victory in 2017, is a Dove/Eagle. Just like Hurts. When I told this to my dad, he became the biggest Eagles fan (the Bird style…. and the team). Will we see history repeat itself? 

Do your own bird-watching during the game. Great leaders come in all styles and the Super Bowl is an ultimate challenge that can reveal the unique gifts of each style.  

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