About Velocity

Velocity brings extensive experience in strategic consulting, executive coaching, and developing the people side of the business. We partner with clients to accelerate performance by helping them achieve clarity and make better decisions by empowering teams and organizations.

Meet the Velocity Team

Dave Fechtman


Dave Fechtman is recognized for his ability to immerse himself in a wide variety of businesses and to approach each company’s challenges as if they are his own. He has the unique ability to connect with his clients on both a professional and a personal level, which has led to his becoming a de facto member of the leadership team for many of the companies he serves.

Dan Silvert


Dan Silvert is a behavioral expert, keynote speaker, and executive coach. Dan has guided organizations through cultural transformations, coached hundreds of leaders to greater organizational and career success, and trained thousands of sales professionals to increase revenues through the power of deep relationships.

Bob Weinhold Headshot

Bob Weinhold

Executive Vice President

Bob Weinhold has spent his career helping individuals, teams, and organizations accomplish what they did not think possible. At his core, he connects deeply to help businesses and individuals achieve results that they could not imagine while engaging employees to drive innovation, growth, and sustainability.

Ben Bowman Headshot

Ben Bowman

Chief Strategy Officer

Ben specializes in bringing clarity and direction to complex environments. He focuses on strategic planning, culture building, retreat facilitation, and organizational development consulting. He has a unique ability to see the big picture and drill down to the details while remembering that the best plans fall short without the right people to implement them.

Brook Page-Thompson Headshot

Brooke Page-Thompson

Director of Learning Services

Having been both a trusted consultant and advisor for 17 years, Brooke has been able to help clients think holistically about what their objectives and goals are.  She understands the power of community and relationships, leveraging her ability to connect at a personal level to help organizations transform their culture and HR systems.

Heather Parbst Headshot

Heather Parbst

Director of Business Transition Services

Heather’s experience as a business owner, with a background in psychology, facilitation, and training gives her a unique perspective on organizational dynamics. Heather became co-owner and CEO of a startup IT consulting company which she scaled over a 7-year period, eventually selling and exiting. With Velocity, she empowers business leaders to get out of their own way and create high-performance organizations that generate real value.

Yvette Costa Headshot

Yvette Costa

Director of Coaching Services

With over 25 years in the biotech/pharma arena of the corporate world, Yvette is acutely aware of the shifting needs of businesses to strategically invest in programs that help employees accept and navigate change with a positive mindset. Her unique approach combines her corporate experience and additional training in a way that empowers employees to willingly take responsibility for themselves to be a productive and positive influence on all the teams they are a part of.

Christine Lobo Headshot

Christine Lobo

Executive Assistant

Christine provides high-level support, working in partnership with the CEO to ensure the success of Velocity.  Results-driven with extensive experience in administration, project management, event planning, and long-term strategic goals to cultivate continued growth.  She also assists in the Sales process and enjoys engaging with clients on a day-to-day basis.

Michelle Goembel Headshot

Michelle Goembel

Client Success Manager

Michelle has served clients in a multitude of industries throughout her career. Her background includes roles where she was responsible for project management, team leadership, account management, sales of customized training, executive membership sales and support, and development of a sales operations team. In every role, the ultimate goal was to improve customer engagement and satisfaction

Lauren Carlson

Lauren Carlson

Manager, Learning Services

With a diverse background working in leadership development, marketing, and entrepreneurship across multiple industries, Lauren brings a unique perspective to the team. At Velocity, she supports the development of pragmatic research-based strategies and training programs that bring solutions to the increasingly complex business problems facing today’s Senior Leaders. She also heads the company’s marketing and public relations initiatives.

Dmitry Rechnov

Service Delivery Manager

Dmitry’s background spans front-line, management, and leadership roles where he led and coordinated organizational development, service delivery, change management, and process improvement initiatives with an emphasis on enhancing health and human services for vulnerable populations. Dmitry is an innovative, proactive, and results-oriented individual who is passionate about helping people achieve their fullest potential.

Ariel Wescott Headshot

Ariel Wescott

Executive Assistant

Ariel provides administrative support to the team at Velocity. Skilled in organizing meetings, arranging travel, and maintaining executives’ calendars with an innate ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

Sarah Beth Headshot

Sarah Beth Blair

Marketing & Content Coordinator

Sarah Beth has a background in marketing and social media management. She brings energy, enthusiasm, and fresh insight into advancing Velocity’s social media presence. At Velocity, Sarah Beth supports content creation and the company’s marketing efforts. She has a passion and desire to share with the professional world the amazing things Velocity has to offer!

Matt Webster

Senior Advisor

Matt is a 1995 graduate of the University Of Florida M.E. Rinker School Of Construction Management. After earning his degree, he served four years and two tours in the US Army as a combat engineer. From 1999 to 2022, Matt worked for Charles Perry Partners Inc. where he worked on state continuing service contracts for over 20-years and was involved with large capital projects in excess of $100 million. He completed his career leading the company as an Executive Vice President and Principal/Owner. With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, Matt brings real-world knowledge to Velocity clients from the Construction Managers’ perspective.


Luke Berry

Graphic Designer

Luke is an intentional designer focused on bringing visual form and function to Velocity’s products. He has over 10 years of experience as a designer and art director working with some of the world’s largest brands. Luke’s clients and work have been featured by NFL players, entertainment celebrities, a Fortune 100 Airline, HGTV, major e-commerce brands, and more.

Velocity has seasoned executive coaches and senior advisors for every level of your organization.

Joe Witte Headshot

Joe Witte

Executive Coach

With more than fifteen years of experience as a global entrepreneur and business development executive, Joe Witte prides himself on his focus on core business “truths” and ability to develop and execute sustainable business strategies. In his most recent role, Joe co-founded and was the Executive Director of Bunker Labs Northeast, a non-profit dedicated to helping veteran entrepreneurs start and grow their own businesses.  Joe helped create an “accelerator” program, while gained support from enterprises like Comcast, Boeing, PWC and CSL Behring.

Barb Bergeron Headshot

Barb Bergeron

Executive Coach

Barbara Bergeron has over 20 years of experience with training organizations and coaching executives to be more productive, by merging the latest research with traditional productivity and time management training. The result is a new approach to how we teach business leaders to leverage time and brainpower. Barbara’s solutions for her clients large and small, cut both costs and stress. Her client list includes numerous Fortune 500 organizations, such as Merck, QVC, ConAgra Foods, CertainTeed Building Materials, and Rohm and Haas.

Janet Swaysland Headshot

Janet Swaysland

Executive Coach

Janet works with organizations from start-up to midsize and at all stages, with experience in sectors including professional services, life sciences, technology, retail, and manufacturing. Clients appreciate her ability to help them pinpoint where to focus, her inspiring yet firm style, and smart use of data, gained from leadership roles in corporate global environments.

Gladys Williams-Tillmon Headshot

Gladys Williams-Tillmon

Executive Coach

Gladys Williams-Tillmon has over 30 years of leadership/development experience in the Corporate sector, sales, for-profit and non-profit worlds. She has held Executive leadership positions in Human Resources and Sales for a Fortune 200 company, led various seminars, certified with the International Coach Federation, certified Trainer, certified Change Management Instructor, serves on various Boards and was once featured in an edition of Ebony Magazines, Women at the Top.  Gladys’ mantra that she lives by is, “If I can help somebody as I pass along, then my living has not been in vain.”

Tricia Seitz Headshot

Tricia Seitz

Executive Coach

Tricia is an Executive Coach with 20 years of experience leading and coaching individuals within Fortune 100 companies. She is dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to maximize their potential through one-on-one coaching, webinar and classroom training, and organizational sales consulting. She specializes in systematic, skill-based development style coaching as well as “just-in-time,” situational coaching. Tricia brings a natural curiosity and a healthy dose of optimism to every interaction. Her style is direct, high energy, and action-oriented.

Allison Halley

Allison Halley

Executive Coach

Allison is an accomplished and passionate Human Resources Executive who has shaped high-performing cultures at both start-up and Fortune 500 companies providing leadership, strategy, and execution expertise to drive employee productivity and development while maximizing organizational effectiveness. Throughout her career, she has developed and relied on her personal core values to navigate complex organizational situations and adapt to the ever-changing HR landscape across both employee and corporate needs.

Ken Sher Headshot

Ken Sher

Executive Coach

Ken is an Executive, Career, and Certified Life Coach with 28 years of experience leading and coaching individuals and leadership teams within Fortune 200 companies like Johnson & Johnson and Bristol-Myers Squibb. Ken helps his clients identify strategies and tactics to more effectively lead their organization to goal attainment while helping them find a balance that leads to a more fulfilling life both professionally and personally. He brings a practical and humanistic approach to coaching, focused on identifying corporate and individual goals, maximizing opportunities, and finding a life balance leading to increased productivity, career fulfillment, and improved employee engagement.

Chris Campbell Headshot

Chris Campbell

Executive Coach

Chris has 30 years of experience as a leader in the Software Technology and Client Services industries.  She has been a Chief Operating Officer and Chief Client Officer in private companies as well as held Senior Executive positions in publicly traded corporations.

Tom Feledick

Senior Advisor

For over twenty-five years, Tom has worked with organizations in the US and globally to set the vision and execute roadmaps to strengthen market identity, operating effectiveness, and culture.  He is an executive who has successfully led Organizational Development and Corporate Strategy for several Fortune 1000 organizations, most recently IMS Health (now IQVIA) and the Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company.  Results have included significant improvements in sales, market leadership position, operating performance, and best-in-class employee engagement.  He has also been recognized for his ability to replicate the live, in-person facilitation experience virtually for a blended approach.

Dave Fechtman

Serving leaders is our passion.

At Velocity, we get excited when our clients accelerate their success in ways that couldn’t have been achieved alone.

However, breakthrough business results are only part of the picture. The pay-off extends beyond senior leadership teams and into the lives of employees and the surrounding communities. By working directly with leadership, the impact we can have ripples out a long way.

Our commitment is to be your trusted partner on the journey to organizational success that benefits all.

Dave Fechtman, CEO