Velocity Advisory Group Announces Powerful New Assessment to Bridge Gaps in Workplace Culture & Drive Growth

April 16, 2024


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Philadelphia, PA, April 16, 2024 — Velocity Advisory Group, a leading provider of leadership development, cultural assessments, and advisory services today announced their Culture Archetype Matrix, an innovative assessment that allows leaders to not only take stock of where their current culture lies, but to also identify their ideal culture and evaluate the gaps between the two.

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, a strong corporate culture is not just beneficial — it’s a prerequisite for success. In fact, research has shown that companies with a strong corporate culture see a 4x increase in revenue growth compared to companies with a weak culture.1

The Culture Archetype Matrix is a game-changer in this domain, offering a unique solution that assesses and identifies the gaps between an organization’s current culture and its ideal state across six organizational dimensions. It serves as the jumping off point for transformative culture work and significant growth by getting to the core of an organization’s culture and identifying opportunities for growth that align with their strategic goals.

The assessment has been proven to determine differences in company culture between leadership and employees, between two companies coming together in a merger/acquisition, or organizations experiencing:

  • Significant growth or rapid expansion
  • Change in strategy or direction
  • Low productivity and/or performance
  • Low client satisfaction
  • Misalignment between employees and leadership
Velocity Advisory Group Announces Powerful New Assessment to Bridge Gaps in Workplace Culture & Drive Growth

 “At Velocity Advisory Group, it’s important to us to act as a true partner for leaders going through their most challenging transformations. With the Culture Archetype Matrix, we’re not just providing insights; we’re offering a roadmap for organizations to realize their fullest potential by bringing their culture(s) together in a way that aligns with strategic objectives. It’s about creating an environment conducive to growth and success, especially for organizations going through a period of change” says Dave Fechtman, CEO of Velocity Advisory Group.

For further insights into transforming organizational culture, the significance of a strong company culture, and the Culture Archetype Matrix assessment, Velocity’s leadership team is available to share their expertise on how strategic culture alignment can drive success.

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1 Harvard Business Review