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The world is changing exponentially. Your leaders need executive coaching to evolve along with it.

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Effective Coaching is Personal and Intentional, not Formulaic

Velocity has seasoned executive coaches for every level of your organization.

From high potentials to senior leaders, we work with you to achieve greater clarity and focus. We also know that business needs don’t fit neatly into a coaching session, so we offer unlimited access to our coaches.

Executive coaching is a unique opportunity for professionals to advance their careers, facilitate the potential of those who surround them, and deliver multiple benefits to the organizations that invest in their success.

CEOs, Founders, Owners

Our coaches have the experience to be your trusted, objective thought partners. They will support and challenge you in all of the complexities of your role.

Executives and Senior Leaders

Your senior leaders are your decision-makers AND culture influencers. Our coaches support them with an unbiased, real-time perspective that impacts the business, the people, and the culture.

Mid-Level Managers

Coaching at this level of the organization speeds the transition from ‘doer’ to ‘leader’ producing the results you need in the business.

360 Survey Feedback

Sometimes your people just need another perspective. We help co-create a tangible action plan to address blind spots and accelerate professional growth.

What Can You Expect with Coaching with Velocity?

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Greater self-awareness and a positive mindset.


Clarity on what success looks like and the steps to achieve it.

Vital thought partnership to support decision-making. Identification of blind spots to increase self-accountability and personal growth.

Compounded performance, productivity, and confidence.


Our approach focuses on supporting every client to evolve into a more human-centered leader by taking full accountability for themselves, their behaviors, and their mindset, resulting in exponential personal and professional growth.

For Every $1 Invested in Executive Coaching

Companies surveyed received an average of $7.09.


Be the best version of yourself! Unlock your full potential to activate greatness!

What to expect FROM YOUR COACH:

  • PERSONALIZATION: Customized coaching program for you and your goals
  • ACTION: Growth actions set sessions to help move you forward
  • FLEXIBILITY: 45-minute sessions (virtual video conference/phone call) every two weeks
  • CONFIDENTIALITY: Be 100% for you and trusted and confident. Every executive needs a special person to vent and with whom to talk things out.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Hold you accountable. Will help you to stay on track and move toward the achievement of your goals.
  • FEEDBACK: Provide you with an objective viewpoint, feedback, and counsel.
  • As needed phone and email support.

Our Executive Coaching helps you to:

  • Achieve greater clarity, focus and understanding of your organization
  • Generate your own solutions to problems
  • Remove obstacles to your objectives
  • Transform insight into action
  • See your blind spots and areas of vulnerability
  • Improve your oral and written communication skills, as well as your listening skills and business etiquette.
  • Improve the existing culture of your organization
  • Advance in your career

What people are saying

We are proud to have served some of the world’s most successful and innovative organizations which span from scrappy start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, across a wide range of industries.

Mark E. Tate

VP Provider Experience

Bob guided me through multiple company acquisitions, and role changes involving a start-up department charged with increasing customer satisfaction and another department in desperate need of a turnaround to meet contractual performance goals. He masterfully gravitated to meet me at my current level, acknowledging my strengths, but most importantly, helping me to identify my blind spots and guiding me on a path toward exponential growth from a leadership and performance perspective resulting in a 38% increase in customer satisfaction and meeting client KPIs returning our company to good standing with our key stakeholders.

Joe Lamendola

Senior Director, GAF

Working with Dan Silvert as my executive coach has been a deeply rewarding experience. With his unique perspective, expertise, and frank communication style, Dan helped me become a more confident, resilient, and self-aware leader.

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