Assess & Apply Learning

Teams that understand each other’s styles cut through the drama, bring joy back to the workplace and achieve more.

Open the door to better communication, collaboration, and team performance.


Based on Daniel Silvert’s book, The True Competitive Advantage, participants will quickly recognize the Eagles, Parrots, Doves, and Owls in their co-workers, managers, and clients. How does each style handle stress, share information, manage their time, and assess priorities? What is the hidden genius of each style and how can you surface these powerful abilities in others? Understanding and applying the styles-as birds concept makes self-awareness easy, and participants will immediately put them to use. Co-workers will work better, smarter, and handle their differences with less stress.

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For Teams

Each team member brings perspectives and habits that may cause friction with others who are brain-wired differently, particularly when under pressure and stress. The behavioral style make-up of your team will reveal how strengths and blind spots play out day-to-day and reveal what you can do to improve the group’s communication and productivity. You will see yourself in a whole new context of collaborating with others.

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For Managers

Managers will discover tools tailored to motivate each style, strategies for candid conversations that strengthen relationships, and understanding how over-applying the golden rule can cause more harm than good. A manager’s ability at adapt to the right style at the right time is an essential skill for driving the team to deliver on their goals.

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For Leaders

Leaders will learn how their own behavioral style impacts how others perceive and respond to their vision. Through heightened self-awareness, leaders will discover motivational and influencing strategies based upon how each style is wired to receive and process information. This magnifies a leader’s ability to bring out the best in her people and win buy-in at every level.

What People Are Saying

We are proud to have served some of the world’s most successful and innovative organizations which span from scrappy start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, across a wide range of industries.


Emerging Leaders 2021

DISC assessment and report was very accurate and extremely helpful in validating strengths and growth areas. Knowing the styles of the individuals you are working/interacting with will greatly help reduce misunderstanding & stress, improve collaboration, and achieve better results.

Paulo Vieiradias

Director of Training and Development, GAF

We brought in Velocity to train teams on DISC, which we had previously done both internally and with other vendors. Velocity’s Birds approach connected with our people in a way we had never seen before. We were so impressed we licensed both their proprietary materials and facilitation methodology and now train the Velocity Birds internally. At every level in the organization. this program has had a profound effect on our people and culture.

Sharon Briskman

Director of HR, Greystone

The Birds/DISC training had a big impact on my team. I have seen a significant improvement in how we work with each other. People are flexing to how each other prefers to communicate, organize their work, and collaborate. I used to spend a lot of time putting out fires that were started by poor communication and now, that is essentially gone!