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Between the war for talent, everchanging cost of materials, increasing competition, and decreasing margins, the construction industry is facing new challenges and changing expectations in an already high stress environment.

About Our Work

Velocity has expertise and deep experience in the construction industry. With clients across the continent, Velocity has worked with everything from small local contractors to multibillion dollar national construction firms as they manage growth and change. We’ve worked closely with leaders across the industry to help cut through the noise to better align and transform their organizations.


of global contractors can't find workers


of global infrastructure projects are either over-budget or delayed


of construction time is spent on non-productive activities

What’s next for the Construction Industry?

  1. Adoption of new technology will affect how jobs and roles are defined, causing a shift from tactical skill building to a higher prioritization of soft skills.
  2. Baby boomers are exiting the workforce creating massive job shortages across the country (52% of construction workers were born between 1960-1979).
  3. As renewable energy becomes cheaper the industry is under tremendous pressure to improve practices around environmental initiatives, causing leadership teams to reevaluate their long-term strategy.

"From the introductory meeting through the planning of our third Strategic Retreat, I know they were and remain the right and best choice of consultants to positively benefit our company and our staff. However, the benefit is not limited to the company; it has and continues to grow me personally as well."

Rory Causseaux, CEO, Causseaux, Hewett, & Walpole, Inc.

“When designing our executive leadership team’s inaugural offsite, I only trusted Velocity Advisory Group as my partner. Dan and Dave did an outstanding job on all aspects of the event – from agenda design to expert facilitation. Their custom-designed strategy development and culture sessions were lively, on point, and delivered lasting value.”

Lisa Calicchio, CHRO, GAF

"Through the efforts of strategic planning sessions and consulting, they provided CHW guidance and clarity during a very tenuous time in our business that has resulted in revenue growth and a return to profitability. Engaging their team is more like a partnership with a deep sense that the partners are truly dedicated to your organization and an extension of your team."

Robert Walpole, President, CHW, Inc.

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