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From big pharma to dynamic growth biotech companies, we have guided organizations to greater workplace engagement and productivity through individual growth and executive team development.

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You have a team of high-performing professionals with a lot of letters behind their name, yet they still don’t get along.
That’s where we come in…

We see it all the time. Organizations assume that by the time someone makes it to a senior leadership position, they have the skills needed to lead and get along with others, however...

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Research supports that critical leadership skills in the below categories, are not determined by education

  1. Coaching
  2. Synthesizing Messages
  3. Creativity
  4. Empathy
  5. Conflict Resolution
  6. Self Confidence
  7. Ownership & Decisiveness
  8. Coping with Uncertainty

Here’s how we help…

Senior Leaders

By supporting senior leaders where they are, they can be more productive as individuals so they can become the high performing executive team you need them to be. We do this through:

Emerging Leaders

Don’t wait until you have a problem at the C-level. We have programs designed to support the development of your leadership bench strength in the foundational skills you want and expect in your senior leaders. Programs include:

Empower employees to take responsibility for cultivating the competencies they need to lead with accountability now and prepare for the future.

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"We began working with Velocity right before COVID when they facilitated a large self-awareness program for our sales team. Since then, our partnership has only continued to grow. Velocity has provided a range of programs for our other departments, including operations, IT, marketing, finance, and HR, as well as for our senior leadership team. We’ve found Velocity’s engaging style and insights to be unique. Their approach has created a new language at Benco, with associates understanding themselves better and leaders having new tools to support their teams.”

George Rable, Chief Culture and People Officer, Benco

“I’ve partnered with Velocity for years to help bring alignment and clarity to my leadership team. They’ve helped us strengthen communication and function as a high performing team.”

Stephanie Berthier, Vice President, Head of Sales & Marketing, MorphoSys

“I brought Dan Silvert of Velocity to work with my quality team to improve our collaboration and performance. Their program captured their attention from the start, provided tremendous value to the team, and has been a catalyst for significant gains in how we communicate, assesses priorities, resolve differences without drama, and deliver on our commitments. This experience has been a tremendous success."

Michael Blackton, VP Global Quality, Adaptimmune

"We took great care to choose the right partner to help our leadership team through an important period in our organization’s trajectory. Velocity Advisory Group represented the right mix of executive leader expertise, programs that fit our moment, and relatability. The facilitated sessions, which included both culture and business strategy, sparked high value conversations from our leadership team. Since our work together I’ve seen significant improvement in our team’s communication and functioning together, which has resulted in greater clarity for the organization. These are the impacts I was looking for when we chose Velocity and I highly recommend their approach."

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