Respect the Past, Appreciate the Future

Every business faces transition and change but family businesses are complex as there is the unique challenge of balancing family and business. Many delay creating an intentional culture and using strategic planning to prepare the next generation and the future of the company, but the sooner you begin the more benefits you will find.

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Velocity respects the uniqueness of each family business and works with you to identify the ideal future for your organization and helps develop a plan that keeps the company and family values at the core. Velocity has worked with clients, each with a different dynamic, to grow family talent, determine family and business readiness for transition, and ensure your successor and leadership team are prepared for change.

Succession Planning Is A Necessary Business Strategy

Leadership transition leaves an organization at risk for the crisis, and family businesses are especially vulnerable. Transitioning your business to the next generation can be complex. Some owners, fearing the strain and disruption a transition may cause among family members and the business, opt to delay key succession efforts.

All family businesses, should they continue on, will eventually transition to new leaders. For families wanting to maintain ownership of their family businesses, it’s even more important that next-generation leadership and succession planning begin sooner, rather than later. Waiting could be detrimental to the business’s financial health and future growth.

Velocity helps family-owned businesses plan for leadership continuity through strategic planning, providing objective/thoughtful insights, facilitation, and guidance through this critical process.

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