Culture & Engagement

With Velocity, you’ll tap into the full potential of employee surveys to drive meaningful change and breakthrough results.

Align and regulates your organization’s values, beliefs and behaviors in support of the business strategy.

An Intentional Company Culture continuously aligns and regulates an organization’s values, beliefs, and behaviors in support of the business strategy.

Velocity’s Intentional Culture Framework is a staged approach that guides your large culture and change initiatives forward. Usually, a 6-12 month process, our step-by-step guide toolkit helps support your team from building the foundation to implementation.

intentional culture framework


of managers in the US say a candidate’s alignment with the company culture is equal or more important than skills and experience.

Builtin, 2021


of employees are highly engaged when they feel strong recognition from their organizations compared to 34% of employees who are highly engaged in companies with weak recognition.

OC Tanner, 2020

People Insights

Many employee surveys can accurately pinpoint what is wrong, but struggle to help leaders know what they are supposed to do next.  Feedback alone is not enough. Velocity experts go beyond employee insights and translate them into a plan of action, working with leaders to build intentional cultures guided by data and years of expertise working with organizations large and small.

Using the Science of Engagement and Velocity’s Intentional Culture Framework, organizations can tap into the full potential of employee surveys to drive meaningful change and breakthrough results.

Highly engaged teams achieve:


less turnover


realize a reduction in absenteeism


result in greater profitability

Velocity People Insight Services

360 assessments

360 assessments

Easily collect and distribute constructive co-worker feedback.  Where other platforms drop statistics into a leader’s lap, Velocity’s 360 solution provides a self-guided dashboard with advice on how to handle tough issues like accountability, effective delegation, time management and many others. This fully online experience can be easily combined with 1:1 or group coaching for a powerful development opportunity.

cohesion surveys

Cohesion surveys

Identify strengths and weaknesses in your teams, prompt the right conversations that improve trust, interpersonal skills, and overall effectiveness. This short survey and Velocity Advisor led conversation identifies what holds your team back from its highest potential, helps lower drama and get to the heart of what makes your team great.

cohesion surveys

Engagement surveys

Assess your organization’s current state and help senior leaders understand real-time gaps in management and employee engagement. The 15-minute employee survey will assess employees’ relationships with the company and with their direct manager.  A comprehensive analytics dashboard will flex to meet the needs of all your stakeholders from the VP who wants to deep dive into all of the analytics, to the front-line manager who just needs bottom-line advice on what to do differently. 

cohesion surveys

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Assessment

Power your DEI programs with deep insight to determine if you are creating an environment where your people feel like they truly belong.  This comprehensive analytics dashboard will breakdown demographics and highlight areas of focus.  Use this tool to educate leaders on the importance and differences of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and spark needed conversations powered by data at the top levels of your organization.


DISC Assessments

Self-awareness is the cornerstone of emotional intelligence and Executive success. Whether you are a 10-year veteran or a first-time manager, understanding what makes you tick and how your natural behaviors impact others who operate differently is critical to your career.

What People Are Saying

We are proud to have served some of the world’s most successful and innovative organizations which span from scrappy start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, across a wide range of industries.

Suzanne Forbes

James Moore, Managing Partner

Our company culture needed tweaking, not an overhaul. We called Velocity and they blew our expectations away. They challenged our team and brought us together in ways that have paid immediate dividends. They’re a solid, professional group.

George Rable

Chief People and Culture Officer, Benco

Velocity Advisory Group represented the right mix of executive leadership expertise, programs that fit our moment, and relatability. The culture and business strategy, sessions sparked high-value conversations from our leadership team. We've seen significant improvement in our team’s communication and functioning together, which has resulted in greater clarity for the organization.