Introducing the Birds: An Elevation of the DISC Model

June 9, 2022


Melinta Case Study


If you were to think of the metaphorical character traits of an eagle, what comes to mind? What about an owl, parrot, or dove? Thanks to popular culture, most answers are consistent. 

We often see responses such as…

  • Owls: Wisdom, analytical, smart
  • Parrots: Colorful, talkative, fun
  • Doves: Peace, harmony, kindness
  • Eagles: Strong, dominant, power

In The True Competitive Advantage, Dan Silvert uses Birds as colorful metaphors to represent the DISC behavioral model, an intelligent framework that improves self-awareness and how to work more effectively with others. DISC is an emotional and behavioral model that has been used by management professionals since the 1940s. 

Introducing the Birds: An Elevation of the DISC Model

So, why does Velocity Advisory Group use Birds to represent the DISC model and assessments? Because these colorful metaphors quickly reveal themselves as memorable representations of each style in a fun and non-threatening way. Each Bird has a set of core traits. Once you understand these traits and the reasoning behind them, you’ll be able to adapt to the styles of those around you, better communicate, improve team dynamics, and grow as a leader.


Eagles, the D in the DISC model, are fast-paced and task-oriented with the following core traits…

Introducing the Birds: An Elevation of the DISC Model

Results-Oriented: Everyone cares about results, but Eagles bring intensity to setting and achieving goals. It is so fundamental for Eagles that it orients all their behaviors

Direct: Eagles are direct because they crave clarity and brevity. If we communicate quickly and directly then an Eagle can achieve their goals quicker.

Decisive: Eagles would rather decisively make a mistake than endlessly circle a situation waiting for perfect circumstances to crystalize before acting.


Parrots, the I in the DISC model, are fast-paced and people-oriented with the following core traits…

Introducing the Birds: An Elevation of the DISC Model

Fun: Parrots believe in getting the job done and having fun at the same time. Everyone is getting along, and collaboration is strong and Parrots view that as productivity.

Social: Parrots are extremely social. Their motto is, “the more, the merrier”. They enjoy getting to know other people and having new experiences.

Optimistic: Parrots are known for being optimistic about everything. They can always find the silver lining in every situation no matter what happens in their world.

Motivational: Parrots are extremely motivated and are often sought out by others for motivation. They want to be excited and strive for something that is larger than themselves.


Doves, the S in the DISC model, are even paced and people-oriented with the following core traits…

Introducing the Birds: An Elevation of the DISC Model

Harmony: Doves strive to achieve a state of harmony in all environments. Doves work hard to maintain an absence of conflict in their life.

Patient: Patience is a hallmark of Dove energy. Doves are patient in their decision-making and think carefully before they speak because there is a concern about how their decisions will affect others.

Sincere: Doves are often not the first to speak up, but you know when they do speak, they mean what they say. Unlike other styles, Doves must get comfortable with what they are going to say before they speak.

Empathetic: Doves are extremely good listeners, naturally the best of all the Styles. Not only are they good listeners, but they are empathetic listeners. 


Owls, the C in the DISC model, is even paced and task-oriented with the following core traits…

Introducing the Birds: An Elevation of the DISC Model

Detail-Oriented: Owls put a lot of emphasis on details. They not only read the fine print, but they probably wrote it.

Systematic: Owls thrive off collecting data, but they must make sense of it. A system allows them to organize and execute efficiently.

Analytical: Nobody brings the drive to achieve absolute accuracy like Owl. An Owl is often very analytical as it helps them achieve their fundamental goal of accuracy.

Logical: Owls are logical in the way that they want to make sure there is a process, procedure, and logic in every action and decision.

Bird Style Elevates DISC Model

After learning more about the DISC model and each Bird Style along with their core traits, do you think you know what Bird Style you are? Each person has a primary and a secondary Bird Style, and what those styles are might just surprise you. Understanding your Bird Style is essential to building self-awareness and will help reveal your gifts and challenges, which enables you to better leverage the complementary skills of others.

We all have personal blind spots, and Velocity’s Bird assessment can help uncover what you may be missing. Take your assessment today! 

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