Creating a Competitive Advantage Through Engagement Surveys

October 9, 2023


Melinta Case Study


Making Data-Driven Decisions Based on Survey Results

Getting a CT scan and conducting an employee engagement survey share intriguing parallels in their processes. Just as a radiologist meticulously analyzes medical images to diagnose a patient’s condition, an employee engagement survey collects valuable data about an organization’s workforce. In both cases, the key lies in the interpretation of these findings. Just as the radiologist communicates their diagnosis to the attending physician, the survey results are conveyed to company leaders who must decipher the data’s implications for their organization. Similar to the doctor’s role in devising a treatment plan based on the radiologist’s insights, organizational leaders must develop strategies and initiatives to enhance employee engagement based on the survey’s results. 

The popularity of shows like “Undercover Boss” highlights a fundamental truth about leadership and organizational dynamics. When executives immerse themselves in the daily operations of their company and interact directly with employees, they gain invaluable insights that are often inaccessible from the boardroom. This firsthand experience allows them to identify and comprehend the subtle but significant obstacles that hinder performance at the ground level. Armed with this understanding, executives are better equipped to devise innovative and contextually relevant solutions to enhance overall performance. Employee engagement surveys have the potential to provide similar invaluable insights. This blog will examine the need for employee engagement surveys and closely examine the survey platform TractionEX Methodology. 

Understanding the TractionEX Methodology

Through Velocity Advisory Group’s work with engagement survey platforms, the ability to slice and analyze the data in infinite ways provides a competitive advantage for the organizations we work with. Not only can we see if there is a gap between the opinion of executives concerning Stress and Workload, for example, at work, and the opinions of individual contributors, but we can analyze the correlation of which retention is dependent on Stress and Workload for any level across the company.

Data-driven decisions are what set apart the competitors. In the Velocity TractionEX methodology, we utilize the top priorities from the survey results to align strategic vision. This means we do not analyze survey results, present the data, and then walk away. We will not leave an organization wondering, “Now what?” We have the answers, and we show the path towards success. 


In this model, we begin with Discovery. In order to understand an organization’s mindset and goals, we need to do a qualitative analysis of its baseline and vision for success. While it may seem that Discovery is only one step in the process, we will continue to inquire and dive into the strategic vision of the company throughout the entire engagement. 

The Discovery period may include key stakeholder interviews, collection of business artifacts, and analysis of historical engagement surveys. These data points will influence the customized action plan that is developed as a result of the TractionEX model. 

Following Discovery is the Survey period. This is when data collection is live, the data dashboard is being configured, and the communication is rolled out to the entire organization. This is when employees are given a chance to speak their minds, identify problems directly from the heart of the work, and define their employee experience

Time For Strategic Analysis

Once the survey is closed, the Diagnostic stage begins. Strategic analysis based on the Discovery conversations takes form, and the results are evaluated to provide clear direction and opportunities for focus. Often, surveys are conducted mid-year, or at odd times that may interfere with the strategy already in play for an organization. However, not only will a baseline or pulse survey allow an organization to understand if its current strategy is working, but it can also align top priorities from the results with current strategic initiatives. 

A Strategic Roadmap and Action Plan are developed while incorporating all pieces of the company’s mission. This allows for a seamless transition to transform key elements of a company, without disrupting the strategy at play. Employee listening strategies are dynamic and extremely influential in the outcome of an organization’s strategic objectives. Leveraging the fluidity of results allows for constant proactive, innovative next steps. 

Transformation is the phase in which we provide the solutions based on results from the survey. This is incorporated into the Action Plan and goes beyond a recommendation. If your organization is struggling with Communication, as a result of the survey, we may develop a strategic roadmap that incorporates our True Competitive Advantage program. This incorporates a DISC assessment that identifies the communication styles of each individual within an organization, and a facilitator will walk through what each style means and how to communicate properly with someone who may have a completely different style than you. 

Or you may notice that there is a significant blind spot for leaders when it comes to trust. Not only will there be “quick wins” recommended as action items following the survey, but Executive Coaching could be recommended as a long-term investment in the leaders of an organization to improve trust-based behaviors. 

Many consultants may end at the Transformation stage. The recommendations are provided and are clearly linked to survey results, but how should a company truly implement the action items effectively? This will come through accountability. 

Partnership with Velocity does not end at the Transformation stage. We work to establish a deep connection that goes the extra mile with the organizations we work with. When we recommend Executive Coaching, we recommend the exact coach that will set your CFO up for success and maintain consistent communication with that coach throughout the entire engagement. When the DISC profiles are analyzed and facilitated, we continue to empower your employees to “Bird Watch” and leverage their bird styles for effective communication. 

Quick wins may sound easy to implement, but they still require an element of planning and execution. Velocity continuously strategizes and supports the most effective way to implement and maintain both long-term and quick wins across your organization that will not only align directly with your strategic initiatives but will support the overall culture and employee experience.

TractionEX is the differentiator. Everyone is always looking for it – the key to increasing profitability and standardizing operations across an organization. Companies that not only launch an employee survey and receive recommendations but execute long-term investments in their human capital are the organizations that will survive the odds and thrive in uncertain times. While your competitors are still debating whether they should listen to their employees, you may have already developed a playbook, giving you the competitive edge in improving your company by focusing on culture and the employee experience. 

Before you sign up as an “Undercover Boss,” consider investing in a survey platform that saves you time and resources, but also allows you to efficiently execute your employee listening strategy. Without an outlet for your employees to feel heard, there may be increases in burnout, quiet quitting, loud quitting, and toxic work environments. Take the time to understand your workforce, and it will pay dividends for the entirety of your organization’s existence. Visit our website to learn more.