DISCover Your Hidden Genius with the Birds

hidden genius
June 28, 2022


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Everyone has their own unique genius. Something unexpected that they bring to the table. But it’s not always obvious — how can you uncover where your hidden genius lies?

In Velocity’s True Competitive Advantage, there are four Bird styles that align with the DISC model of behavior, and each one has a hidden genius about them. This hidden genius is a remarkable ability that comes naturally to each style and gives them a competitive edge; however, many are unaware of what that means for them.

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The hidden genius of an Eagle — the D, or dominant, in the DISC model — is how they handle conflict.

DISCover Your Hidden Genius with the Birds

Have you ever noticed how Eagles don’t shy away from conflict but instead seem to relish in it? To an Eagle, having an impassioned debate is exhilarating and often brings out their best thinking. To them, it is not a conflict but a conversation that leads to clarity. If achieving this requires a back-and-forth exchange where conviction and even volume is amplified, then Eagles are happy to oblige.

The question is, why are Eagles so comfortable with conflict? Simply put, Eagles don’t take it personally. Two Eagles can have an assertive exchange and then go have lunch with little, if any, emotional residue from the encounter. This allows Eagles to remain agile and free of resistance as they navigate from one negotiation to the next.


The hidden genius of the Parrot — the I, or influence, in the DISC model — is optimism.

DISCover Your Hidden Genius with the Birds

For Parrots, optimism is a natural, nearly permanent state of being. It’s the oxygen they breathe, powering everything they do, filling their lives with adventure, and enabling them to appreciate the outcome no matter where it leads. 

Parrots truly believe that whatever happens will be for the good, so one might as well just go for it and enjoy the ride. And studies show that more often than not, they’re right. Parrots easily identify outside factors that contributed to the problem. This inoculates them from taking failings too personally. Since optimists expect eventual success, setbacks are viewed as merely temporary, or even fleeting. 


The hidden genius of Dove — the S, or steady, in the DISC model — is they don’t have to be right.

DISCover Your Hidden Genius with the Birds

There’s an exercise in our training program where we ask each style the question: “When do you know that you are right?”. However, for Doves, the question is a little different… Instead, we ask: “Do you need to be right?”. Almost always, Doves say, “No.” — Doves are far more interested in the group arriving at consensus decisions than in being personally ‘right’. 

Doves bring people together. They are willing to give credit to others if it benefits the team and the organization. If a leader does not have the need to be right, then he or she is likely to create an environment where others can put forward their best thinking. Doves embody these powerful leadership traits that, when properly utilized, can guide a team to peak performance.


The hidden genius of Owls — the C, or conscientious, in the DISC model — is their ability to embrace complexity.

DISCover Your Hidden Genius with the Birds

Owls have an innate ability to embrace and solve complex problems. In fact, the more intricate the issue is, the more energized an Owl becomes. They naturally bring a rigorous, methodical approach that examines every aspect.

Owls enjoy analyzing complex problems and arriving at points of view that are backed by a careful examination of the facts and supported by logical reasoning. They possess a skill set that is in enormous demand in our ever-increasingly interconnected and multifaceted world and one that no other style relishes with such delight. The next time you find yourself grappling with an issue that requires a high level of analytic power to resolve, find your nearest Owl and watch the magic unfold.

Each style’s hidden genius is a skill that the other styles can’t achieve as effortlessly, and each style should understand and use their hidden genius as a powerful tool in their life. Do you know what your hidden genius is?

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