Leadership ACADEMY

Velocity’s comprehensive leadership development program provides participants with a create a clear path for professional growth, while offering networking opportunities with other leaders. And employees who feel their organization offers opportunities for professional growth are 15% more engaged and 23% more likely to stay with the company (Gallup).
It’s a win-win.

Companies that offer high-quality leadership development programs are
3.5 times more likely to outperform their competitors.*

When you invest in your people, it pays off. 

The success of a company depends on its leaders, and with more millennials entering management, it’s critical to prepare them for not only day-to-day activities but how to show up and be effective within the organization.

Velocity’s Leadership Academy is designed for leaders who are looking to grow their skills and become more effective in their roles.

Structured around the 70/20/10 model, we provide strategic and engaging workshops, toolkits, frameworks, homework, and group cohort coaching proven to build future leaders. The Cohort Model helps solidify learnings from the workshops so that strategies can be implemented right away.

*Josh Bersin

The Velocity Leadership Academy results in more effective leaders, stronger company culture, and higher retention.


Velocity customizes the content within the program to align to your industry or cohort-specific areas of development. This ensures that participants — and each organization — get the most out of the experience as it aligns to company strategy.

We also recommend pairing the program with Executive Coaching to offer additional, one-on-one support for participants to solidify learnings and practices.

What Participants Say About the Leadership Academy

“Throughout the program you are provided tools and resources that since the completion of the program I have referenced and applied in the moment.”

“A great addition to the program was working with my coach. He was easy to talk to and gave advice and tools that made the program come full circle.”

“This is now my third variation of a leadership / development program, and this one by Velocity blew the other ones away. From the delivery approach, engagement in meetings, and support offered it went a long way for me. I still have quite a way to go and a lot to learn still in my career, but the tools and mindset shift I walked away with from your program will hopefully allow me to grow both inside and outside of the workplace moving forward.”

Program Structure

Velocity Leadership Academy

Topics include:

True Competitive Advantage: Learn self-awareness and identify and adapt to others’ behavioral preferences.

Leadership Foundations: Create a personal brand, adapt to communication styles, manage better meetings, and learn best practice approaches to accountability and delegation.

Manager vs. Leader: Learn to shift to your optimal role in each situation and create psychological safety for your teams.

Empowerment 2.0: With the increased blurring of work/ home/family life, organizations that empower employees to grow their capabilities enjoy greater productivity and retain top talent.

Building Change Muscle: Navigate change at the organization level, the change journey every employee will go through, and tactical tools/insights on how to effectively lead change.

Velocity Advisory Group is an experienced advisory firm that accelerates greatness through leadership development, executive coaching, cultural alignment, and strategic execution, empowering senior leaders to excel and better execute business objectives. Having led 800+ organizations in more than 25 industries through transformation and strategic change since 2009, we excel at supporting clients to achieve clarity, confidence, and better decisionmaking.  

Over 400 leaders have completed the program in the last 18 months.
Will you be next?