Velocity Advisory Group and PeopleKeys Partner to Help Organizations Build Talent Endurance, Strengthen Culture, and Win the War on Talent

BIRDS and PeopleKeys
January 24, 2022


Melinta Case Study


Velocity Advisory Group is proud to announce its partnership with PeopleKeys. PeopleKeys has been a world leader in reliable and valid behavioral assessments and delivery systems, for over 35 years.

“For close to a decade, Velocity has relied on PeopleKeys to provide our clients with valuable assessments and insights. There is an art and science to helping clients improve communication, self-awareness, and strengthening team dynamics,” shared Dave Fechtman, Founder and CEO, Velocity Advisory Group. “As our clients combat The Great Resignation and try to win the war on talent, we believe our partnership with PeopleKeys is more valuable than it has ever been.”

PeopleKeys Achievements

PeopleKeys has helped unlock the human potential within thousands of companies and millions of individuals worldwide. As a world leader in customized behavioral assessments and delivery systems, PeopleKeys prides itself on delivering excellent customer service, an international platform, and customizable solutions.

Dan Silvert, President of Velocity, co-developed the iconic Birds/DISC Profile to stand out from the competition of ordinary DISC profiles. The Eagle(D), Parrot (I), Dove (S), and Owl (C) provide an easy-to-learn, visual representation of the DISC model that leaders can quickly recognize and understand. Dan worked with PeopleKeys to create a fully customized Velocity Birds/DISC report that is well-known and used throughout the business world.

“Velocity and their approach to DISC are so unique and insightful, it was an easy decision to partner with them,” said Dr. Bradley Smith, President & Co-founder, PeopleKeys. “Their materials relate to people of all ages and all walks of life.”

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