December 5, 2023


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Philadelphia, PA, & Indianapolis, IN, December 4, 2023 — ​Velocity Advisory Group, a leading provider of leadership development and advisory services, and Elate, a Strategic Planning and Execution Platform, today announced their new strategic partnership. Strategic planning is a critical business tool that allows executives to analyze current systems, provide an avenue to implement innovation, and ensure that everyone on the team understands the goals and is accountable for them. Having a reliable platform for monitoring goals and aligning team members is an essential component of the strategic planning process. 

“Velocity Advisory Group is thrilled to partner with a top-rated strategic planning and execution platform like Elate,” said Dave Fechtman, CEO of Velocity Advisory Group. “The truth is, 67% of strategic plans fail — if they even get put into motion in the first place. This partnership brings together two essential components for success: an experienced advisory firm that can support leaders in creating a comprehensive roadmap that is customized for their organization’s needs and a proven strategy execution platform to monitor their strategic execution, track results, and build company-wide alignment.” 

Together, the companies will offer a full strategic planning program, with Velocity Advisory Group facilitating, creating, and building the plans, and Elate serving as the vehicle for how organizations monitor, track, and execute on those plans. Existing Elate clients can enroll in an ongoing support package to help maintain momentum, stay on track, and pivot if necessary, and existing Velocity clients can leverage the Elate platform to better execute on their strategy. 

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Velocity Advisory Group,” said Brooks Busch, CEO and Co-Founder of Elate. “At Elate, we firmly believe that a successful strategic plan necessitates excellence in three key areas: having the right people to formulate the strategy, implementing the right processes to ensure its delivery, and employing the right solutions to bring it to life. Velocity Advisory Group’s approach to strategic planning aligns seamlessly with ours at Elate. This collaboration will enhance all three aspects, allowing us to deliver even greater value to Strategy and Operations Leaders.” 

​​About Velocity Advisory Group  

Velocity Advisory Group is an experienced advisory firm committed to helping clients accelerate organizational success through leadership development, executive coaching, cultural alignment, and strategic execution. Having led 800+ organizations in more than 25 industries through transformation and strategic change since 2009, we excel at supporting clients to achieve clarity, confidence, and better decision-making.   

 By emphasizing personalized consulting and building trusted partnerships, we deliver tailored solutions for each clients’ unique needs that unleash the untapped potential within their organization.

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About Elate 

Elate transforms the way that organizations drive execution within their strategic plans and bridges the gap between long-term vision & reality. Built by and for Strategy and Operations leaders, the Strategic Planning & Execution Software Platform helps companies build, execute, review, and adapt their strategies. Thousands of leaders around the world rely on the Elate platform to align their teams to what matters most with transparency, simplicity, and accountability. Learn more at and connect with Elate on LinkedIn


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