WATCH: From Complexity to Clarity: Simplifying Strategic Planning for Success Webinar

June 3, 2024


Melinta Case Study


For most organizations, strategic planning is one of the most complex, dynamic processes that takes place every year. From fostering alignment across the organization to defining the key initiatives that will enable your organization to hit your goals, strategic planning has a lot of moving parts. 

On a recent webinar, Velocity CEO Dave Fechtman and Brooks Busch, Co-founder and CEO of Elate, spoke about how to simplify the complex process of strategic planning in a way that rallies employees around a common goal. With years of experience collaborating with thousands of organizations and numerous strategy and operations leaders, Velocity Advisory Group and Elate have honed strategies to drive focus and ensure alignment around strategic plans.

Highlights include: 

  • How the trends and economic conditions over the last 10 years have changed the way organizations set goals and plan for the future
  • Common mistakes and misconceptions organizations make when it comes to strategic planning
  • Why it’s essential for leaders to have clarity on their mission, vision, and values before they start building a strategic plan
  • Ensuring the entire company has a sense of ownership over the strategic plan
  • Tips for moving from planning to execution

and more!

Watch the replay below or on YouTube.

We also developed a strategic planning checklist to make sure that you set yourself up for success — and your organization — up for success throughout the planning process. Get the free download here.

If you’d like some support on your next strategic planning cycle, or want to revisit the goals you set at the beginning of the year, contact us today to learn more about we can help your company accelerate greatness.