WATCH: Everyday Inclusion Live on Beating Burnout

June 7, 2024


Melinta Case Study


In a recent LinkedIn Live, Velocity Advisory Group Partner Brook Page-Thompson, Senior Advisor Dymon Lewis, and Maureen “Mo” Berkner Boyt, CEO of The Moxie Exchange, discussed the topic of burnout and how it’s affecting today’s workforce.

They talked about the role cultural norms play in workplace stress and employee burnout, as well as the neuroscience behind burnout, implications for inclusion, and how to assess fatigue.

Highlights included:

  • Some of the ways that modern culture, especially digital distractions and AI, contribute to workplace stress
  • How workplaces contribute to the mental health crisis and burnout
  • The effect of microaggressions on marginalized groups
  • Looking at workplace stress and burnout as a spectrum
  • The role of organizational culture on preventing (or causing) burnout
  • Why leaders have to be examples and follow-through on well-being policies

and much more!

The conversation is loaded with insights and practical, actionable steps that participants can take to beat burnout — individually and as a team. Watch the replay below or on YouTube.