Velocity Partnering with Latinos in Bio

Latinos in Bio
July 28, 2022


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Velocity is proud to announce that we have been selected as the partner of choice by Latinos in Bio to build their Leadership Development program.  

Velocity Partnering with Latinos in Bio

What is Latinos in Bio?

Latinos in Bio is dedicated to creating opportunities for success and amplifying the social capital of Latinx professionals in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical technology and other fields within the life sciences industry; and, by so doing, making a meaningful impact in the industry and in the United States.

In the pursuit of their purpose, Latinos in Bio desired to create a leadership program that supports Latinx professionals in all phases of their careers.  Toward that end, Velocity has created a program that will support three components in the program:

Mentoring – A program to support early to mid-career Latinx professionals to gain access to the support they need to help direct their professional development.

C-Suite Ready – For those Latinx professionals ready to take the step into the C suite but aren’t really sure what they’re getting themselves into.

Board Ready – For those seasoned Latinx professionals that are ready to share their knowledge and expertise with others.  Everything they need to know about being on a board.  

These programs are open to any Latinx professional in the US in the biotech, pharmaceutical, med-tech or other life sciences field. 

If you would like to apply, visit to find out more.  

Interested in becoming a mentor? Click here to apply.