Velocity Advisory Group and The Moxie Exchange Partner to Enhance Workplace Inclusion

May 30, 2024


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Velocity Advisory Group, a leading provider of leadership development and advisory services, and The Moxie Exchange, a pioneer in diversity and inclusion technology, today announced their new partnership.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) isn’t about checking a box — it’s imperative for an organization’s success in an ever-changing world. In fact, a 2021 study by Glassdoor found that 76% of employees and job seekers stated that a diverse workforce is important to them when evaluating companies and job offers.

A key piece of the partnership is integrating Moxie’s Everyday Inclusion solution into select Velocity Advisory Group offerings. Grounded in the neuroscience of behavior change and designed for use by individuals, teams, leaders, and the entire organization, Everyday Inclusion embeds belonging in the daily fabric of workplace culture through more than 1,300 content nudges.

“Including DEIB resources into leadership and culture development is crucial for fostering innovation, driving performance, and enhancing employee engagement. We are thrilled to partner with The Moxie Exchange and offer the Everyday Inclusion app to help our clients build more inclusive workplaces,” said Brooke Page-Thompson, Partner and EVP of Leadership Development at Velocity Advisory Group. “By equipping our clients through Moxie’s practical, actionable, and tangible content and Velocity’s integrated solutions, we are able to drive sustainable organizational and cultural change.”

“We’re excited to be partner with Velocity Advisory Group as we share the thinking that to create real, sustained behavior change, leadership and inclusive culture practices must be integrated into the flow of work. By combining our solutions, we can support clients in their quest for organizational leadership and workplace culture excellence in an unmatched way,” said Maureen ‘Mo’ Berkner Boyt, The Moxie Exchange Founder and CEO.

Brooke and Mo will also be coming together for Everyday Inclusion Live: Beating Burnout on LinkedIn on June 4, 2024 at 1:30 p.m. ET. They’ll discuss the role cultural norms play in workplace stress and employee burnout, as well as the neuroscience behind burnout, implications for inclusion, and how to assess fatigue. The conversation is going to be loaded with insights and practical, actionable steps that participants can take to beat burnout — individually and as a team. Learn more and register here.

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About The Moxie Exchange
Moxie develops solutions that support inclusive values, create daily behavior change and embed inclusion in corporate culture. Their flagship solution Everyday Inclusion operationalizes inclusion, creating a rhythm of inclusion for real culture change. Scalable, actionable, and measurable, Everyday Inclusion is a powerful 360 DEI platform that organizations of all sizes can use to create a workplace where everyone can thrive. Everyday Inclusion’s people-powered predictive data takes the guesswork out of what DEIB resources are needed. Learn more at