Velocity Advisory Group Acquires Leadership Pacing and Welcomes Bob Weinhold as Partner

Velocity Advisory Group, leadership development and consulting firm, has welcomed Bob Weinhold as Partner and Executive Vice President earlier this month. The decision to merge with Leadership Pacing, Weinhold’s existing professional services firm, came to add depth to the resources available to their clients.

“Bob has been a friend of Velocity for many years and we are excited to welcome him full-time. His leadership experience will bring tremendous growth for Velocity,” said Dave Fechtman, Velocity founder and CEO. Bob brings decades of experience as a tenured Healthcare CEO, an executive coach, and a Leadership/Strategy Consultant. He has experienced the pressures of PE delivery expectations, helped senior leaders navigate the M&A process while communicating effectively with new ownership, worked with families navigating next-generation succession, and is quite comfortable in fast-growth businesses. “His clients share that he has a unique ability to see the next two to three pivotal business, leadership decisions necessary to maximize the growth of the company. He helps leaders see those decisions clearly, act quickly, and ensure the right human capital is in place for the future.”

“Leveraging Bob’s depth of leadership experience will not only bring value and intelligence to our current clients but further strengthens our commitment to helping senior leaders maximize their impact and performance.” 

“I have 15 years of personal and professional history with Dave and the Velocity Team; I have the utmost professional and personal respect for Velocity, the team, and their impressive client successes.” Joining Velocity provides a tremendous number of resources to the existing clients of Leadership Pacing. Bob has worked with many clients for 5 to 8 years, joining Velocity provides a full continuum of strategy, consulting, training, and assessment services tailored to maximize the growth of businesses, leaders.  

Bob’s track record of success focused on significant growth includes organizations in life sciences and construction industries, academia, and government. While Velocity serves many industries, joining forces with Weinhold will help support their vision to gain traction in Life Sciences, Construction, and Healthcare industries

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