Surveys lead to organizational visibility. But do your newfound insights lead to change? Or are you stuck?

$300 Billion Lost Annually

Employees are fed up with stagnant corporate culture, and it’s costing US companies $300 Billion each year. They give feedback and nothing changes. So they resign or, worse yet, they “quietly quit.”

Businesses lose time, money, and morale to surveys that fail to measure what actually matters and action plans that never materialize.













Get Unstuck

TractionEX is the all-in-one package that:

• Discovers the unique needs of each business

• Designs and implements surveys that matter

• Translates the results to an action plan

We achieve lasting transformation through:

• Executive Coaching

• Leadership Development

• Advisory Services

• Ongoing measurement and next-level growth

Engaged Employees Produce 2.5X More Revenue

Here’s how businesses achieve more with TractionEX:


TractionEX process

TractionEX is powered by three industry leaders with proven expertise and results. Qualtrics, Velocity,and Walker, seamlessly combine data-driven insights with expert execution, unleashing the people potential in your organization.


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