L7 Ownership Transition System ™

You’ve worked hard to build a business that you can be proud of. Will you be able to leave it on your own terms?

We help business owners create choice in when and how they leave their business.  The Level 7 OTS™ focuses on increasing transferable value and readying the business owner, the company and incoming leadership for the transition. Our focus is to help you reach a place of choice regarding your level of involvement so that you can exit on your own terms in a way that leaves your company sustainable and able to operate without you.

We work in lockstep with you and your Complete Advisory Team to help grow and streamline your company across the 7 Drivers of Transferable Value™ while helping you avoid some of the common mistakes business owners make when exiting their organizations.

We will help you:

  • Understand your options and the exit process
  • Reduce the organization’s dependence on you
  • Create a Succession Plan
  • Improve performance across the 7 Drivers of Transferable Value™
  • Increase the value of your business
  • Navigate and communicate the change to the organization and other stakeholders
  • Ready yourself for life after your business.


Only 20% - 30% of businesses listed for sale, actually sell.


of business owners nearing retirement have no financial plan nor do they know their exit planning options. This lack of preparation significantly impacts owner exits.


Of those that do sell, 75% of business owners are unhappy after their exit.

"Our 2 sister companies recently merged for all the right reasons. Admittedly, we were struggling to get everyone on the same page during this transition. They brought a well-organized collaborative process that identified our issues quickly and brought clarity to our collective goals. More than ever before, we are focused on the priorities that will ensure we remain a competitive industry leader."

Breck Weingart, CEO, CPPI

See how we helped one owner and his firm navigate an ownership transition and achieve significant growth.
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Can your organization operate without you? The most common Value Driver that our clients struggle with is Independence from the Owner. Take the Ownership Independence Score Assessment now to determine your company’s level of independence.

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