Velocity Services

Building Growth Cultures

At Velocity, we develop the people power in your organization for greater profitability, less chaos, and better talent endurance.

Every Velocity engagement starts with a discovery process so we can select the perfect services, frameworks, and teams to fit your unique business needs.

employee experience

Businesses lose time, money, and morale to surveys that fail to measure what matters and action plans that never materialize.

Surveys lead to organizational visibility. But do your newfound insights lead to change? Or are you stuck? Get unstuck with TractionEX.

culture and engagement

Intentional culture impacts every part of your business, and every part of your business impacts your culture.

Many employee surveys can accurately pinpoint what is wrong, but struggle to help leaders know what they are supposed to do next.  Feedback alone is not enough. Velocity experts go beyond employee insights and translate them into a plan of action.

executive coaching

Velocity has seasoned executive coaches for every level of your organization.

From high potentials to senior leaders, we work with you to achieve greater clarity and focus. We also know that business needs don’t fit neatly into a coaching session, so we offer unlimited access to our coaches.

leadership development

Integrated learning through compelling cohort sessions and real-life implementation.

Velocity’s leadership development programs are dynamic and interactive workshops combined with on-the-job integration activities, toolkits, and relevant frameworks to help make the learning stick.

assess and apply

Velocity assessments demystify why people say and do what they do, opening the door to better communication, collaboration, and team performance.

One of Velocity’s most effective assessments is based on Daniel Silvert’s book, The True Competitive Advantage, participants will quickly recognize the Eagles, Parrots, Doves, and Owls in their co-workers, managers, and clients. 

strategy and implementation

Velocity’s strategic consulting services provide timely expertise to augment your core team’s capability. 

We combine the experience of our senior advisors with our world-class Intelligent Frameworks™ to advance your special projects and core initiatives.