Emerging Leaders

Velocity’s Emerging Leaders Program is Designed For Leaders with Amazing Capacity for Growth

Velocity’s Emerging Leader program is structured around the 70/20/10 model.

As many as 60%

of new managers under perform or fail within their first two years.

With more millennials entering the management realms, it’s critical to prepare them for not only day-to-day activities but how to show up and be seen as effective future leaders in the organization. Velocity’s Emerging Leaders program focuses on providing the best tools and frameworks that deliver greater contributions to the organization, creating a clear path for professional growth.

Velocity will help support you through strategic workshop facilitation with engaging facilitators, toolkits, frameworks, homework and group cohort coaching.

The Cohort model helps to solidify what was learned in the workshops into day to day life. In addition Velocity can leverage a group project to bring it all to life.

emerging leaders process

Your Team Will Learn:

  • True Competitive Advantage – Learn self-awareness and identify and adapt to others’ behavioral preferences.


  • Leadership Foundations – Create a personal brand, adapt to communication styles, manage better meetings, and learn best practice approaches to accountability and delegation.


  • Manager vs Leader – Learn to shift to your optimal role in each situation and create psychological safety for your teams.


  • Empowerment 2.0 – With the increased blurring of work/ home/family life, organizations that empower employees to grow their capabilities enjoy greater productivity and retain top talent.


  • Building Change Muscle – Navigate change at the organization level, the change journey every employee will go through, and tactical tools/insights on how to effectively lead change.

What People Are Saying

We are proud to have served some of the world’s most successful and innovative organizations which span from scrappy start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, across a wide range of industries.

George Rable

Chief People and Culture Officer, Benco

“Velocity’s approach has created a new language at Benco. Associates understand themselves better, and leaders have new tools to support their teams.”

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