In our journey through life, work isn’t merely a means to an economic end but can be a profound avenue for self-realization and purpose. We spend a substantial number of our waking hours at work, which makes it imperative — not just for personal fulfillment but also for overall well-being —to derive meaning from what we do.

To work without purpose is akin to sailing without a compass: you might move, but the direction is aimless. Recognizing meaning in your work bridges this gap, transforming daily tasks into missions of significance, resulting in productivity, deep-seated satisfaction, and mental resilience. In this quest for purpose, understanding your inherent nature and aligning it with your professional roles is essential.


BPI-3: Reconnecting to Work Through Meaning

The EPICC-T model can be used to describe each of us in terms of the different types of work we are apt to find satisfaction, purpose, and meaning.  More specifically, EPICC-T reveals that each type often has perspectives on work that, when used with intentionality, either by choosing the healthiest roles for yourself or by modifying your current role, can infuse your work and career with more purpose and meaning.

You’ll learn more about your EPICC-T type in the section EPICC-T: Work Interest Types.