The EPICC-T model can be used to describe each of us in terms of the different types of work we are apt to find satisfaction, purpose and meaning.  More specifically, EPICC-T reveals that each type often has perspectives on work that, when used with intentionality, either by choosing the healthiest roles for yourself or by modifying your current role, can infuse your work and career with more purpose and meaning.

When it comes to what kind of work engages and inspires us, we all connect with more than one type of work interest. In this section you’ll find the core characteristics of each interest you connect with, strategies to reconnect, under what conditions the work interest may make you susceptible to burnout, and strategies for preventing and recovering from burnout.


If you are entrepreneurial, you enjoy influencing, leading, and managing organizational goals or economic gain. You are likely to be described as ambitious, adventurous, and socially confident. You enjoy taking initiative and leading others toward achieving specific goals, are comfortable in competitive environments, and often seek opportunities to influence, persuade, and make decisions. Careers that align with your interests and skill set include sales, marketing, management, and entrepreneurship.


As a practical individual, you likely thrive in work settings that feature independent work and autonomy over how you execute your tasks. Being able to solve tangible, real-world problems aligns well with your preferences and will lead to higher job satisfaction.

Additionally, practical individuals tend to experience higher levels of job satisfaction when working in environments that allow them to engage in hands-on activities and use their physical skills. Practical individuals find fulfillment in jobs that offer practical solutions and concrete results. Being able to see the direct impact of your work often contributes to your satisfaction.


As an inquisitive individual, you are analytical, curious, and enjoy intellectual challenges. You have a natural inclination to explore and understand the world through systematic investigation and research. Inquisitive individuals are skilled at analyzing data, solving complex problems, and applying theoretical knowledge to practical situations.


Creative individuals have a unique way of perceiving the world and often seek opportunities for self- expression. You likely thrive in roles that allow for regular engagement in creative activities that draw on your talents.


Connective individuals gravitate toward activities that involve helping and interacting with others. You enjoy working in roles that focus on the well-being of individuals or communities. You thrive in environments where you can make a positive impact on others’ lives. You are an active listener and are skilled at understanding and addressing the needs of others.


As a traditional individual, you prefer structured, organized, and detail-oriented work. You thrive in environments where a methodical, data-driven approach to decision-making and problem-solving is backed by established procedures and guidelines. A consistent, structured work routine contributes greatly to your overall job satisfaction. You excel in roles that require precision and attention to detail. You are a practical problem solver and are comfortable following established processes.