A New Perspective on Coaching

November 8, 2021


Melinta Case Study


The workplace is rapidly evolving, bringing new opportunities to reexamine strategic direction and reinvigorate leadership. Velocity Advisory Group has been passionate about executive coaching and its long-standing impact on leaders since our inception 12 years ago. While it has always been a core capability of our organization, recent times have magnified the importance of coaching and the transformational effects that it brings.

Velocity Advisory Group is excited to announce Yvette Costa as our new Director of Coaching Services. Dedicating Yvette’s skills and focus toward our coaching practice ensures that we continue to address the constantly evolving needs of our growing client base.

The senior teams we work with demonstrate increased levels of cooperation, better communication, and a unified approach towards organizational objectives.

Our clients now expect the same benefits for their middle managers. This demand inspired the development of our new Emerging Leaders program, providing foundational management, leadership, and coaching skills that middle managers need to be successful as they mature in their careers.

The increased necessity for coaching requires Velocity to approach this part of our business in a new way. Dedicating Yvette to supporting the growth of our coaching focus will help ensure that our clients are equipped to improve talent retention, address unexpected disruption, and establish high-performing workplace cultures.


To learn more about our coaching practice, visit https://www.velocityadvisorygroup.com/executive-coaching/

To contact Yvette, [email protected].