Turnkey Strategic Planning


Studies have shown that 90% of strategic plans fail due to poor execution.  Velocity’s Strategic Planning gives you the pre, during, and post support you need to develop and implement your organization’s plan. There are three primary benefits:


Unified vision and direction among all leadership


A clear, attainable action plan through priorities and milestones


Complete support through the execution of the plan to achieve desired objectives

  • Phase 1: Pre-session Planning

    • Meeting to establish timeline and interviews of critical stakeholders through one-on-one phone calls with key leaders
    • An anonymous survey sent to all participants for their input into the planning process
    • Analysis of current landscape
    • Create a customized agenda based on a combination of evidential exercises proven over years of practice and unique components specific to your organization derived from the interviews and survey.

  • Phase 2: Professionally Facilitated Session

    • Senior level facilitator (often 2)
    • Fast-paced, engaging event with tangible outcomes
    • Identified priorities and the framework of the strategy

  • Phase 3: Post Event Support

    At the end of a strategic planning session, there may be a sense of overwhelm and incompleteness. After a full day, you will have the framework of a well-crafted strategy and defined roles moving forward. The ultimate success (or failure) of the organization’s strategy is determined by accountability to effective implementation of what was committed by the team. For this reason, Velocity partners with key leaders to support implementation and execution for a full year.

    • 1 year of support – guidance and monitoring
    • A Plan Launch Session with leadership and key stakeholders (face-to-face, when possible)


  • The Strategic Plan:

    • An executive summary with key, session highlights
    • A thorough documentation of all details captured from the session
    • One-page roadmap
    • 1-year of hosting on a collaborative, project management platform, so all parties may access details while executing the strategic plan
    • 1-year of phone call and email support

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