Corporate Training


Fully Integrated Corporate Training Programs

Accessible. Impactful. Powered by Intelligent Frameworks™

Velocity's suite of corporate training programs deliver a long-lasting return on your investment. Our sessions are infused with adult-learning best practices that are both accessible and impactful.   Our approach recognizes that each participant has behavioral preferences that can either enhance or restrict learning. We blend our proven Intelligent Frameworks™ with engaging activities and thought-provoking discussions, so that each participant can easily answer the question "What's in it for me?".

Velocity also recognizes that 80% of learning is lost after 30 days without reinforcement. With this in mind, we extend each training session with individual, actionable commitments and follow-up sustainability calls. This ensures that the best ideas are implemented, not left behind in a classroom.  

Elite Service: Talent Acceleration Academy

We know that you get the most impact by combining interactive, classroom learning with a formalized, individual coaching program. Organizations tap into this ‘cohort’ based model to fully invest in high potential talent.  Velocity can create a “Talent Acceleration Academy” around any of our program subject matter and customize the experience to the needs of each cohort.

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