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Driving Performance through Flexible Leadership

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    ½ day, 1 day, or 2 days

Flexible Leadership Course

Velocity's Flexible Leadership in Action course focuses participants on a basic, yet powerful reality: Ultimately, it’s followers who decide if the person they report to is a leader. Participants will explore powerful strategies and insights that enable leaders to harness the best thinking and efforts of others. This hard-hitting, content-rich session reveals a wide range of tools and perspectives designed to challenge participants to bring out the best in those they lead.

Velocity's Intelligent Frameworks™ includes the Three Lenses Model, which provides managers and leaders a panoramic view of their team's behavioral, learning, and delegation styles. This tool provides intuitive and practical strategies for customizing the manager's approach to each team member.

Depending upon your organization's needs, this course can be customized with a wide range of modules.

Core topics include:

The difference between a Manager, a Leader, and a Coach

Theory X & Y: Discover the powerful relationship that exists between your perceptions their behaviors

Flexible Delegation™ - an Intelligent Framework for effectivily managing others

Utilizing Velocity's Three Lenses Model to coach team members

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