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5C’s of Selling: Growing Revenue through Deep Relationships

  • Duration

    2 days, 2.5 days, 3 days, modularized

Sales Training

Velocity’s sales training session, The 5C’s of Selling, is a framework for the Sales Process, a model for the Sales Conversation, and a Coaching Diagnostic Tool. Velocity will assist your sales force to build on existing knowledge and promote social learning amongst peers.

Blending rich discussion activities, competition, and video allows for flexible facilitation that adapts to the developmental needs of the learners. Velocity extends the session with incremental action plans built in stages throughout the program to assist with follow-through.

Sales reps will learn how to:

Recognize the three levels of client relationships: Order Taker, Solution Provider, Trust Partner – and how maximize each

Develop a compelling value proposition that strengthens prospecting efforts

Craft and deliver relevant success stories to illustrate the solution

Instantly spot four types of pushback throughout the sales process, and use one technique to effectively respond

Learn a practical formula that significantly increases closing ratios

Capitalize on post-closing momentum to deepen relationships and renew the sales process

Fresh training + Planned reinforcement + Sales coaching

= Consistent sustained behavior change

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