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Making Meetings Matter


  • Duration

    ½ day

Over 3 billion meetings are held every year in the U.S.

$37 billion per year are wasted on unproductive meetings

Making Meetings Matter Training

Meetings should be a source of productivity, energy, and innovation. Instead, most people find meetings to be a tremendous waste of time and resources. Making Meetings Matter will teach participants how to prepare, facilitate, and execute meetings that drive results.

Participants will learn how to:

Identify the “type” of meeting they need and prepare accordingly

Handle conflict and de-railers as they arise in a meeting

Track the “Four P’s of Meetings”

Define action steps and ensure accountability before concluding a meeting

This session includes:

An Agenda template to properly prepare for upcoming meetings

A Meeting Summary worksheet to ensure clarity and action following the meeting

Tips and techniques to improve participant engagement

Creative alternatives to traditional meetings to save time and resources

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