Training Programs


Building a High Performance Culture

  • Duration

    90 minutes or ½ day

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”  - Peter Zucker

High Performance Culture Session

Velocity believes that workplace culture must be established, enabled, and sustained over time. We collect organic insights and create tactical resources to help leaders and middle managers shape alignment between vision, culture, and individual performance.

In Building a High Performance Culture, our facilitators will help participants understand the relationship between culture issues and performance gaps within the organization, visualize a culture built for high performance, and understand the role that all employees play in the creation of such an environment.  A tangible action plan will be created to optimize productivity, drive results, and develop buy-in.


Participants will:

Understand the gap between where your culture is and where you want it to be

Break down barriers that stifle growth and limit performance

Develop a culture-building action plan

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