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Deconstructing Silos

  • Duration

    ½ day

Breaking Silos in the Workplace

Organizations that build a culture of collaboration galvanize their fullest range of resources to efficiently accomplish strategic goals. Too often, however, departments and project teams operate as distinct entities, pursuing their own objectives while under-utilizing the resources and capabilities that surround them.

In Deconstructing Silos, participants will explore how silo-based thinking impacts organizations at every level, while also discovering a range of strategies to unleash the power of alignment.

In Deconstructing Silos, participants will:

Identify the sure-fire signs that silos exist in an organization

Discuss the impact of silo-thinking on productivity

Develop strategies that reward collaboration

Discover how to create greater transparency in resources

Create a Unifying Goal: The single, time sensitive, rallying cry that galvanizes the team

Learn the power of story-telling to re-brand your team’s or department’s internal brand

Revealing the power of Daily Huddles

In the session’s key exercise, participants will work together to create a Unifying Goal that aligns the team’s focus over the next 6 to 12 months. Your team will achieve clarity around their highest and best use of collaborative resources and have an execution plan assembled to move forward with confidence.

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