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Accountability in Action


  • Duration

    ½ day or 1 day

The word "accountability" is often synonymous with blame. The result? The art of avoiding accountability has become all too common, leading to dysfunction and poor performance. Individual talent is not enough to accomplish team objectives, a culture of collective accountability is essential to achieving high performance.

Accountability Training

Velocity’s Accountability in Action course takes an in-depth look at how individual perceptions of accountability play a major collective role in shaping workplace culture.

Our accountability training will enable your team to recast "accountability" as a source of collective strength. The group will engage in candid discussions that build trust and discover execution models that create transparency around each member's role in accomplishing team objectives.

Participants will:

Rate the current culture of accountability

Identify de-motivators within the organization that limit performance

Eliminate obstacles restricting group cooperation

Enhance trust among team members

Establish clear goals regarding individual performance and team outcomes

Discover the DONE™ Execution Model

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