Training Programs



 Better understand yourself and enhance your team with DISC


Driving performance through Flexible Leadership 


5C’s of Selling: Growing Revenue through Deep Relationships


Building a High Performance Culture to increase performance


Accountability In Action enables your team to own their results


Breaking the Barriers to Execution, define & resolve execution issues

Deconstructing Silos

See how silo-based thinking impacts companies at every level

Generations at Work

An in-depth look at how four generations work side by side


Making Meetings Matter, track the "4 P's of Meetings"

Value Proposition

Creating a Powerful Value Proposition sets you apart from your competition

Based on Velocity’s extensive experience in best practices for delivering training that sticks, we've developed our Signature Program Approach™.

Velocity strongly considers industry research which states that: Up to 80% of learning is lost after 30 days without reinforcement. In response to the spirit of that research, our Signature Program Delivery™ offers a rich participant experience before, during, and after each session.


  • Before The Session

    We provide participants with individualized links to take a DISC assessment which will immediately personalize each aspect of the classroom training and beyond. We also provide access to a self-paced video course. Participants will be introduced to their facilitator via a personal note or short video to generate interest and excitement in the learning. A pre-read opportunity or activity is provided.

  • during

    During The Session

    The class includes a balanced mix of teaching, video, discussion, and activity. We provide regular breaks in accordance with the latest in brain science research to ensure mental agility and freshness throughout the session. Velocity takes photos of key information captured on flip charts and transcribes the details, so that they aren’t lost after the session. Our facilitators also recognize and reward excellent contributions and thoughts throughout the session to create buzz. We also provide tools for participants to create their own learning journey after the class and lead the groups to take on collective stretch goals based on areas of interest. Finally, we engage the groups via quizzes delivered to their mobile phones shortly after a session concludes.

  • After The Session

    Velocity will work with your organization to keep post-session enthusiasm going by resourcing participants as they work collectively on their stretch challenge. We also work with their leaders and sponsors to connect the dots between dialogue that took place in the classroom and ways to keep it alive in the days and weeks following the meeting. We engage participants throughout the month via their mobile phones as a knowledge refresher.

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