About Us


Velocity focuses on the people-side of organizations to drive business results. 

We accomplish this by leveraging our Intelligent Frameworks™ to provide fresh and affordable approaches to developing talent. 

We work alongside our clients to help them execute their process and people initiatives at the highest levels.

Strategic Planning

Enable through clarity

We’ve conducted over 300 strategic planning sessions for organizations ranging from non-profits to Fortune 500’s.

Executive Coaching

Enable through individualized support

We rolled out a 90 day coaching blitz for 60 sales leaders.

Training Programs

Enable through skill development

We developed a micro training ‘roadshow’ to help people build stronger client relationships.

Consulting Services

Enable through collaboration and resource sharing

We partnered with a Fortune 200 learning team to create competencies and map training programs.


Enable through engagement

We delivered an interactive keynote to over 300 professionals and received rave reviews.

At Velocity we become trusted partners with our clients, helping executives and organizations solve problems and achieve results more efficiently and skillfully.